30 Aug 2012

Stamp Sadness.

Hi all!
Well I have managed to keep the same polish on for 3 days now.. no chipping, no tip wear... I'm so impressed!  I'm not sure if its the actual polish (Essies Smooth Sailing) or the new top coat I tried..  Essence Gel-Look Top Coat.  I have read both good and bad reviews on this top coat, but I am sick of Seche Vite chipping and pulling my nail polish on the edges so I thought I would give it a try.  It was about $3 at my local Target store (can also buy in Priceline) and so far so good!  My mani is still intact and is nice and shiny. But after 3 days I am getting a touch bored with it.. lol  So I decided to try some stamping.  I am a novice stamper, and so I'm not sure if its the cheapie plates I have, the nail polish I chose, or my lack of skill but they are so blah I am not even putting up pics.  Patchiness, complete crookedness, its just all round badness.  lol
Oh and for us Aussie nail polish addicts, Priceline is having a 3 for 2 sale on Sally Hansen.  Yay!  I picked up a top coat I have been hearing good things about the Sally Hansen Diamond Strength Diamond Flash Fast Dry Top Coat.  Whew that's a mouthful!  It's awesome though, Super shiny and dries very fast!

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