21 Aug 2012

No buy a complete failure

Well this was supposed to be my no buy week, and I failed dismally.  First I saw an adorable mini pack from Models Prefer in Priceline that was only $7, and well, it would of been a crime to not buy it!  ;)
Catch of the Day had their OPI sale, and of course I had to buy there!  OPI polishes for under $10, plus I managed to cross 4 off my wish list.  Then I recieved my 2 Smitten Polishes in the mail, and  loved them so much i went right onto their website ad bought 2 more!  lol   I would of bought more polishes as I have been drooling over Deborah Lippmann's True Blood shades, but (probably luckily)  HSN doesn't ship to Australia.
Oh well, I will jut have to try again next week.  ;)

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  1. That's okay, I am meant to be saving up for my holiday and I recently went on a polish buying spree, it happens to the best of us :-)


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