27 Aug 2012

You're Turning Violet, Violet!

Love the name, love the polish even more!  Unfortunately my camera didn't like it, I just could not get any decent photos. I will post a couple that turned out ok, they definitely don't show the awesomeness of this polish though.

No great pics but you get the idea.. purple blue glittery gorgeousness!!!  I wanted to get the photos before I took it off tomorrow, as I have chipped it already.  :(

On a different note.. I am completely embarrassed about my cuticles.  They look horrible, especially in close ups.  Can anyone recommend a good cuticle cream/oil?

Oh and in the mail today came something I have been waiting on..  Nfu Oh Victorian Polish Number 051!!  How adorable is the bottle!!  So excited.. it's probably what I will put on tomorrow, it looks so gorgeous.  :)

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