8 May 2014

Project Pan Empties - April

Hello lovelies!
Well it's that time again! Project Pan empties. There is really not that many this month, and most of them are hand creams.  I am really trying to get through them all, I have soo many!

First up is Crabtree & Evelyn Hand Therapy in Rosewater. I got this for free with purchase of some magazine, I cant remember which one though.  This scent on this is soo strong. It's just overpowering. I cannot even use it if my husband is home, as it actually starts to bring on his seasonal allergies. I am not a rose fan anyway, so I would definitely not buy this.

Next is Essence Snow Jam 24h Hand Protection Balm.  Another one I didn't buy, I won the whole Snow Jam collection and this was one of the items.  I quite like this cream!  It has shea butter and coconut oil in, and while it is heavy, it doesn't leave a yucky feel on my hands. Would definitely buy it, but sadly I don't think it's available in Australia.


Last hand item is Lucas PaPaw Ointment.  I cannot stand this! I bought to use on my cuticles, and honestly I could of just bought a tub of Vaseline, it feels the exact same.  I ended up leaving it next to my bed and popping it on my cuticles before I went to sleep.  Definitely would not buy it again.

Very last is my Original Source Shea Butter and Honey Shower gel. I honestly think I have had an Original Source shower gel in every one of my Project Pan posts lol  This is not my favourite of theirs that I have tried, I think the shea butter makes it feel like it doesn't rinse off properly.  Still an awesome gel for the price though!

Till next time!

2 May 2014

Kikki K Planner

Hello lovelies!
It feel like forever since I have posted here, and I guess it has been about 3 weeks. School holidays just finished here, and I always get a bit slack at that time of year.

We went to see the new Lego Movie over the holidays. We are big Lego fans in this house, seems my son is always building something new. The movie was absolutely hilarious, I think my hubby and I enjoyed it just as much as our son did!

Anyway, today I have something completely different to share with you.  Lately I have become slihgtly obsessed with planners. I have a bit of trouble keeping myself organized, and I have tried to use apps on my phone, but I am just not feeling it. I follow Lissas Loves on IG, and after seeing her pics of her gorgeous Filofax, I knew I had to have one!  They are not at all cheap, but I luckily found some awesome ones on Catch Of The Day, an Australian deal website. I ended up getting a chocolate brown personal size Sketch.   I am so glad I did, it is lovely! I will share some pics of it in a different blog post. :)

I soon realized though, that it wasn't going to be big enough for everything I wanted to put in there, so I decided to get an A5 size as well. I was going to get another Filofax, but then Emma from Nails In The Desert showed me the gorgeous Kikki K ones, and I knew I had to have it!

This is how it looks when you open the shipping container. Look how cute the box is!

So beautiful! There was this grey and also berry to choose from, but I loove grey so knew I had to have this one.

This is what you see when you open the planner. I adore the contrast of the pink lining and grey leather.

It comes with these super useful stickers/labels.

Notepad at the back.

I am soo glad I spent the money on this! The planner is $69.95, but there is free shipping within Australia for orders over $50.
I cannot wait to personalize and decorate it! 
I never knew how huge the planner community was, and there is some awesome blog posts and YouTube videos on organizing and decorating your planners. Go check them out!

Till next time.

14 Apr 2014

Autism Awareness Month

Hello lovelies!
Well it's been a while since I have posted here!  I have still been doing my nails, but I have just started getting into wire wrapping jewellery, so I've been spending alot of time on that. I will post some pics in a couple of days. :)

April is Autism Awareness month. A group of us ladies from the nail community have been painting our nails blue throughout the month to help raise awareness. 
I started Paint It Blue last year, and was going to just paint my nails blue myself, than i let a few friends in the aussie nail community know what I was doing and they joined in, and it took off from there! We currently have over 240 members in the FB group, and even more people on Instagram doing it. It makes me so happy and grateful to see so many people taking part in it.
Anyone interested can join us. If you do, please tag your blue mani using #bluenailsforautism & #paintitblue .
You can also request to join our group on Facebook for further information.   :)

 Here are a few of the manis I have done so far.

I am going blue for the whole month, so lucky I love blue polish and have a whole bunch! Have you gone blue for Autism Awareness month? I would love to see your manis if you have. :)

Till next time.