8 Jan 2013

Aussie Nails Monday - Animals

Hey all!
Hope you all had a great weekend!  Mine was spent celebrating, and then recovering from, my 40th birthday.  Ugh 40.. I much preferred when my age had a 3 at the front  lol
My nails today are part of the Aussie Nails Monday challenge.. I only just joined up, and just in time, as the theme is animals and I have always wanted to try a leopard print.  For my first try at this I am more than happy with how they turned out!  Although next time I may use a more contrasting colour for the 'dots'.

For the base colour I used Sinful Colors Cinderella.. not too impressed with this polish, even with 3 coats I still have VNL.  The shimmer is quite pretty though, so maybe I will try layering it.   For the 'dots' I used a dotting tool and Sally Hansens Celeb City.  The for around the dots Sinful Colors Black On Black, which is the only black I use.  I love this, and will definitely be doing it again!   
Have you ever tried a leapord print mani?

4 Jan 2013

Damn you, blue screen of death!

Well, Happy Birthday to me.. my laptop decided that for my 40th birthday it would be give me the blue screen of death, and force me to reformat 3 times, losing all my photos etc.  Which means the photos I took yesterday of my awesome birthday nails are gone.  I have one phone pic that I can use ...

*ooh sparkly*

This is OPI DS Extravagance. There are no words.  Its simply stunning. 

And then this happened..


So I have now had to nubbinize.  But, then these came in the mail..

*bling bling*

So I decided to have a play around with them and some striping tape, and nails now look like this..

*more bling bling!*

Then this morning I woke up to this card from my son..

*best birthday card ever*

So all in all, not a bad day so far (apart from the loss of all my nail pics).. lol

2 Jan 2013

Happy new year!

Yes, i'm a couple of days late, but I have been flat out putting together all the Lego sets son received for Christmas.  The Star Wars one had nearly 600 pieces!   Eek!  Finally all done, and its goes look awesome if I do say so myself.  ;)

Hope everyone had a great new years eve.  We had a very exciting night of sitting around the house watching tv.  Such party animals.  ;)
Even though we didn't go out, I still wanted to do NYE nails.  I decided I wanted nails that would reflect how I wanted the coming year to be, so I went with Emily de Mollys 'Harmony'. 

It's such a beautiful, soft colour.. these pictures really don't do it justice.
Did you do any NYE nails?