27 Jun 2013

Little Brown Dress

Hi all!
Hope you all having a great week so far. 
I was looking through some of my nail pics, and realized I hadn't shared this mani yet!  I can't believe I forgot to, as I loove this colour!  It's 'Essies Little Brown Dress'.  It looks like melted chocolate on my nails.

I love my brown nail polish, I have quite a few of them, and this is definitely one of my favourites! 

Are you a fan of brown nail polish?

22 Jun 2013

You see your Gypsy....

One of my favourite songs has now become one of my favourite polishes!  Gypsy from Love Thy Polish, based on the amazing Gypsy from Fleetwood Mac.

I adore this polish!  Its has a creamy white base, with silver holo micro glitters and a mix of blue and pink larger glitters.  Random stick on moon, I was playing around with some nail art I bought.. lol
I have included the Gypsy film clip below, so you can see where the colour inspiration came from, and also because its awesome and I love Stevie Nicks. ;)

18 Jun 2013

True Blood

Hi all!
Did anyone watch the season return of True Blood last night?  Feels like i have been waiting forever for it to come back onto tv.  As usual, it didn't disappoint, plenty of blood, sex and fangs.
I wore a super special polish for the occasion, one I have been saving for it.  The amazing True Blood from Lilypad Lacquer.  I have no words for this gorgeous red/purple holo, it is just completely stunning.

I mean.. just look at it!  Have you ever seen anything more beautiful?  It makes me want to stand in the sun all day staring at my nails.
I used Nfu Oh Aqua Base for the basecoat, and a new top coat I received yesterday.. Revlons Just Tinted Shiny Topcoat.  I didn't have high hopes for the topcoat, I had never heard of it and only bought it as it was on sale. But I love it!  Super shiny, and fast drying. I will definitely be on the lookout for more bottles of it.

17 Jun 2013

Chanel Taboo

My first ever Chanel! *sigh*   My awesome hubby bought it for me for our wedding anniversary. I had seen many pictures of it online and fell in love instantly. It has such a gorgeous sparkle. Unfortunately I just could not get that sparkle to show up on pictures, even though I took over 150!

I added a slightly blurry pic that shows some of the sparkle. Chanel nail polishes are $39 in Australia, and while this is a beautiful polish, is it worth $39?  I'm not convinced. I think this will be my one and only Chanel.
What's the most you would pay for a nail polish?

9 Jun 2013

Dementor by Alanna Renee

Hi all!
Today I have a lovely, sparkly polish to show you.  Dementor, from Alanna Renees Magical World collection.  This is what it says on Alanna Renees website about Dementor...

'Dementor is inspired by one of the foulest dark creatures to inhabit the world.  Dementors feed off human happiness, causing depression and despair to those that are near them.  Dementors can also consume a person's soul, this is known as the Dementor's Kiss.  Any person who is victim to the Dementor's Kiss is left in a permanent vegetative state.

Dementor has a mix of silver and grey glitter in a black base.'

This is the perfect polish for me to wear today, as I have been quite ill and feeling blah. But unlike the Dementors from the books and movies, this cheered me up after seeing it.  Its so dark and glittery!  I am not a polish maker, but I presume it could not be easy to make a polish that is so dark, yet so glittery at the same time!  So I am quite impressed.  :)

Unfortunately it was quite difficult to get a good pic of this mani.   We have had no sun so I had to rely on indoor pics.  I was expecting to have to use three coats, but it was opaque in 2 which I am quite happy about. :)
Alanna Renee polish can be bought from her website for those of us in Australia.  For those overseas, a list of places you can buy these lovely polishes from can be found here.

6 Jun 2013

Aussie Nails Monday Mani: hearts

Hi all..
I seem to be a few days behind on this post.. lol  Sorry about that.  My son has been home sick all week from school.   He is finally feeling better though thankfully, though of course he has shared his germs with me. Never shares his chocolate, only his colds.  ;)
This weeks Aussie Nails Monday mani had a hearts theme, which is great timing as I just received some heart shaped studs from Born Pretty.  I know most people think red/pink when they think of a loveheart mani, but as you know, I am not a red/pink girl at all, so of course I have gone with blue.  ;)

The base colour is China Glaze Electric Beat, it's new to my collection, and I just love it!  At first I was unsure about it, I thought it may be too much like Secret Peri-Winkle, but its much more beautiful!
I also used a stamping plate from Llawore for my pinkie and middle finger. I am so glad I have persevered with stamping, I am finally making it work.
I was so happy with this mani, and didn't want to take it off. Unfortunately, one of the hearts came off the next day, and I hate to be uneven.    lol
Also, I still haven't found the heart!  O.o

1 Jun 2013

Abbey Bominable

Hi all!
I am currently rocking nekkid nails.  Eek!  I was planning on painting my nails today, but I got totally distracted playing the new Tomb Raider game, I absolutely love it!  Luckily(?!) I am behind on my posting, and have quite a few manis tucked away.  ;)

This is Abbey Bominable from A Girl Obsessed.  

Soft blue base, dots, stars.. all my favourite polish things in one!