16 Feb 2012


This year my son has had to do homework. He is definitely not happy about it, but once he gets started he really concentrates. So cute.  :-)

9 Feb 2012

My latest obsession...

is Pinterest.  So much fun!  I'm not quite sure what the whole point of it is, but I love it anyway. 
I have added a link to my Pinterest page on the right, so feel free to follow me and also leave a comment with a link to your page and i will follow you back.  :-) 

7 Feb 2012


Forgot to post!  So much for posting every day.. lol   Ah well.  I think all the chemicals i had put in my hair the other day fried my brain.  ;)

All worth it though, I am in love with my new hair!  Took about 3 hours to do.. which is odd for me as I never spend that long at the hairdressers.. usually a quick cut and i'm out of there!

Anyway, here is the finished result!

Do love!

1 Feb 2012

So excited...

.. for tomorrow!  Finally getting my Ombre hair on!  It's something i have wanted to get done for a while, but was too chicken to try.. lol  Finally decided to take the plunge.  I think i am going to go for more of a caramel colour at the ends instead of blonde.

This is how my hair looks now...

But tomorrow I'm hoping it looks more like this..

Will post updated pics tomorrow... wish me luck!