31 Jan 2012

yummy in our tummy!

Actually, I don't know if they are yummy as i haven't has the chance to try them yet, but they looked so good I had to post them.. plus they have bananas in them so they must be healthy, right?  Right.

Chocolate Chunk Banana Bread Cookies.

Thanks to Oh My! Sugar High for the awesome recipe!

30 Jan 2012

First day...

Back at school! Can't believe my little Bugalug is in 2nd grade already! Feels like only yesterday he was falling asleep in my arms and keeping us up all night. ;)
Went and met his new teacher last week and checked out the new classroom, so he was quite comfortable this morning when I dropped him off. He also has some of the same classmates as last year which helps a lot. Wish I was as happy.. my baby is growing up way too fast!

29 Jan 2012


I am really liking Blogger so far.. lots of little extras to add and easy to use!  I am just trying to get it all set up at the moment, so not much content yet.. but my son goes back to school tomorrow.. yay!  (oops.. did i say that out loud?)  ;)   So I will have more time to fiddle around and add more stuff!

Well here we go...

Hello and welcome to my new blog!  You may have seen my other blog at GypsyMoons Web , but as i am trying to be thrifty this year I have decided to get rid of my paid blog and go with a free one.  You will find on here.. well whatever random things i feel like posting.  lol

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