26 Oct 2012


I am going to be late doing today's This is Halloween challenge mani, hubby just bought me Windows 8 and I am busy backing up my laptop so I can install it! So excited! I had a play around with it at the store before I bought it and it looks awesome. I was told all my files will import in, but I prefer to back up just in case. ;)
I am doing this post on my iPad but hopefully I will have my laptop up and running soon.

22 Oct 2012

This Is Halloween challenge - Gradient

Hello lovely people!
Todays post is for the This Is Halloween challenge, and it's a gradient.  My first attempt at one, and I'm quite happy with how it turned out.. so much so that I actually did both my hands, I usually only do the one!  lol
I took my inspiration from the colours in candy corn, an American candy.

I don't eat it, but I love the colour combination.  ;)

My cuticles look a bit mad, I think its from too much clean up with the acetone.. might have to take a break from that for a few days.
Colours used are a base of My Boyfriend Scales Walls, then a mix of the Halloween collections from OPI.

20 Oct 2012

This Is Halloween challenge - Bat nails

Oops I'm a day late with this one, sorry about that!  I have had a bat water decal I've been waiting to use in October, so I figured it would be perfect for this challenge.. I didn't realize it was so small, but I didn't have time to come up with anything else.

Base colour is Tequila Sunrise from 'Colour By TBN'.  I am just not sure about this colour.. in some lights I love it, and in others I'm all 'meh'.  But i would wear it again as I like it more than I dislike it.. lol  Plus the formula is lovely.  
On my pinkie nail I have done a quick layer of what we think is Balancing Act from Nails By Laura.  I bought it in a blog sale, and there is only the label 'Balancing Act' on it, no brand, so I hope that's right.  Top coat pictured is Out The Door.
Next up in the challenge is 'gradient', and I can't wait!  I have had my colours planned since the beginning of the challenge.. also will be the first time I have tried a gradient, so fingers crossed it works.  

17 Oct 2012

Revlons Whimsical

Hey all!
I am super excited about the polish I will be showing you today.. Revlons Whimsical.  I have been after this beautiful polish for quite a while, so when I had the opportunity to get it I grabbed 2 bottles.  :)
Whimsical has a very, very sheer light blue jelly base with pink and light blue hex glitter, and small blue glitter.  So pretty!
It's definitely a layering polish, I would dread to think how many coats you would need to make it opaque.  I layered it over Ulta3's Soft Hydrangea, which is a gorgeous pastel blue.

The two colours are a perfect match.  I don't want to take it off, so glad I grabbed 2 bottles!  Can't wait to try layering it over different colours.  :)

16 Oct 2012

TIH Challenge - Zombie nails

Oops I am a day late on this one..  It was my Mum and aunts birthday weekend and the party went on a little too long.. lol
I was too hungover to do any nail art, so I cheated and used China Glazes Zombie Zest nail polish.  I have had this for a few months bit haven't used it before. and now I know why.. its kinda icky.. lol  The formula was very runny, and I used 3 coats but probably could of gone 4!  If I ever use this again I might try layering it over black.

It's definitely Zombie-ish.  ;)

11 Oct 2012

TIH challenge - Jack O Lanterns

Here is my Jack O Lanterns mani for the This Is Halloween challenge.  Its a day early as I won't be online the next 2 days to post it.
Just a very basic mani as i'm  a bit blergh this week.  :)

My base colour is  OPI's Deutsch You Want Me Baby?   Isn't she beautiful!!!   I picked that and one of my huge lemmings, German-icure by OPI, up at my local Price Attack.   I didn't even know they sold OPI!  I completely broke my No Buy to get them, but I don't care they are worth it.  ;)
The Jack O Lantern decal is from the OPI Halloween mini set.  
Oh and on my pinkie is Flamin' Funk, I had to try it out right away and I'm in love with it!  I only got a mini but i will definitely be grabbing a full size.   You can get Flamin' Funk from Loki's Lacquer.
Have a great weekend.  :)

8 Oct 2012

TIH Challenge: Ghost nails

Hey all!
Time for the third mani for the This Is Halloween challenge.. ghost nails.  I picked Pacman ghosts cause, well, they are just so cute!  ;)

They're a bit wonky, but i think that give them more charm.. well that's my excuse anyway and I'm sticking to it.  ;)

7 Oct 2012

Blue Addicted? I certainly am!

Well after the disaster of the water marbling I needed something to cheer me up.  So I decided to try  a polish I have had for a while now, but still hadn't used... Essence's Blue Addicted.  This polish is widely accepted as a dupe for Deborah Lippmans Across The Universe.  After trying it I feel no need to buy ATU, as this one is is just gorgeous!

This is with 3 coats of Blue Addicted, and one coat of Poshe, my new favourite top coat.   I love how the hexes look like they are floating in the polish!  I know some people use it as a layering polish, but I really didn't feel I had anything that would let the gorgeous blue show.

I loved the polish so much I had to right away and make a nail polish ring.. and ended up making 3!

Blue Addicted, Kimmy by Zoya, and Holy Grail by A-England.

New post tomorrow for the This Is Halloween challenge.. theme is ghosts.  Woooooo spooky!  ;)

5 Oct 2012

This Is Halloween challenge ~ Watermarbling

Here is my second post for the This Is Halloween challenge I am participating in.  Todays theme is water marbling. This was the first time I have ever tried water marbling and I'm sorry to say it was a complete failure.

Lumpy, bumpy, bubbly, blurry, its all badness.  Oh well, I am definitely going to try again, I am determined to get it right!

4 Oct 2012

Pink Wednesday!

Hey all!
Just a quick post today as I am about to start working on my water marble nails for the Halloween Challenge. 
Today I am wearing on of my new Colour By TBN polishes, Iridescent Rose, a dusty rose pink colour with a gold shimmer.  The shimmer really comes out in the sun.. this colour is just beautiful, and for only $2.50 a huge bargain!  I can definitely see myself wearing this alot.

Look how awesome my clean up is now that I have a proper brush and some acetone.  lol
Ok, off to attempt some water marbling.  ;)

1 Oct 2012

Horror Movies - This Is Halloween Challenge

Hey all!
Well it's October here in Aus, which means our 'This Is Halloween' challenge has started!  Yay!  I just love Halloween, and definitely miss celebrating it since we moved back to Aus from the US.
I couldn't narrow it down to just one movie, so i decided to do 4.

Nails left to right... Jason (Friday The 13th), The People Under The Stairs, Saw, and Frankenstein.  Most happy with how Frankenstein turned out, he's kinda cute.  lol