20 Oct 2012

This Is Halloween challenge - Bat nails

Oops I'm a day late with this one, sorry about that!  I have had a bat water decal I've been waiting to use in October, so I figured it would be perfect for this challenge.. I didn't realize it was so small, but I didn't have time to come up with anything else.

Base colour is Tequila Sunrise from 'Colour By TBN'.  I am just not sure about this colour.. in some lights I love it, and in others I'm all 'meh'.  But i would wear it again as I like it more than I dislike it.. lol  Plus the formula is lovely.  
On my pinkie nail I have done a quick layer of what we think is Balancing Act from Nails By Laura.  I bought it in a blog sale, and there is only the label 'Balancing Act' on it, no brand, so I hope that's right.  Top coat pictured is Out The Door.
Next up in the challenge is 'gradient', and I can't wait!  I have had my colours planned since the beginning of the challenge.. also will be the first time I have tried a gradient, so fingers crossed it works.  


  1. I simply adore this mani! That is a really pretty shade. Love it!!


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