7 Oct 2012

Blue Addicted? I certainly am!

Well after the disaster of the water marbling I needed something to cheer me up.  So I decided to try  a polish I have had for a while now, but still hadn't used... Essence's Blue Addicted.  This polish is widely accepted as a dupe for Deborah Lippmans Across The Universe.  After trying it I feel no need to buy ATU, as this one is is just gorgeous!

This is with 3 coats of Blue Addicted, and one coat of Poshe, my new favourite top coat.   I love how the hexes look like they are floating in the polish!  I know some people use it as a layering polish, but I really didn't feel I had anything that would let the gorgeous blue show.

I loved the polish so much I had to right away and make a nail polish ring.. and ended up making 3!

Blue Addicted, Kimmy by Zoya, and Holy Grail by A-England.

New post tomorrow for the This Is Halloween challenge.. theme is ghosts.  Woooooo spooky!  ;)

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