18 Nov 2013

Epic Nail - Nail Foil Kit review

Hello lovelies!
I am excited to share with you today a review for Epic Nails foil kits.  I haven't had much experience with foils, but they always look so awesome I couldn't wait to try them.
The Essentials Kit came in a lovely box, and contained 6 rolls, foil glue, cuticle sticks and instructions.

The instructions on the Epic Nail website say...
'Apply a very thin layer of the foil glue, wait for the glue to “go clear”.
Apply the foil with the pattern/colour side facing you. 
Firmly press and rub the foil on the nail paying special attention to the back and sides of the nail.
Starting at one side peel the foil back gently. If you make a mistake use an alcohol wipe to remove the glue/foil and start again.
Apply top coat.'

I followed these instructions, apart from waiting longer than one minute for the glue to try, as I was having no luck. I waited maybe 5 minutes and that worked a lot better for me.  I also used a cotton bud to rub the foil onto the nail.

The foil in the pics below is 'All Laced Up'.

I love the rainbow holo effect in this! I put this over a silver holo, so any patchness wouldn't show as much, but as you can see I had hardly any!

Below is my first attempt.. it's not so great. This is on bare nails, and it is quite patchy, but I really think that is more from my lack of experience with foils.  But I love the colours in it, so had to share. Next time I will put this over black nail polish, I think that will look amazing. :)

All in all, I really enjoyed using the foils, apart from not being able to get them to transfer at all to start with! lol  Once I started leaving the glue to dry longer they worked great.  :)

Epic nails foils can be bought on their website at http://www.epicnail.com.au/ and they also have a Facebook page.

Till next time.

7 Nov 2013

Go Team Orange!

Hello lovelies!

Today was sports day at my sons school, so of course I had to paint my nails in his team colour, which is unfortunately orange. I am not an orange fan at all!  Luckily I had recently bought Martian Sea from Pretty Serious, which is a dark burnt orange.

Love this colour, just not sure how I feel about it on me.  This is 2 coats.  Accent nail of a Nfu-Oh flakie.

As for sports day.. it wasn't great.   As some of you know, my son has Aspergers, and can be uncoordinated so sports do not come easy for him. We had a slight drama with the high jump, he would run up to it but then stop dead and not jump.  He just doesn't feel comfortable letting his body go like that. So he tried twice but then got quite upset about it.  His teacher was great though, and still gave him a token for trying.  I cried, of course. ;)

Till next time.

1 Nov 2013

MLO Polish review

Hello lovelies!
I have two awesome polishes to share with you today! Both are from the MLO Polish Halloween collection.

First up is Trick or Treat. A gorgeous blend of orange/red, black and white glitters.
I layered it over Revlons Winter Mist.

This is with 2 coats. I looove the colours of this, and even though its a Halloween polish it could definitely be worn any time of the year.  The glitters didn't clump up, has perfect all over nail coverage.

The next one is Pumpkin Patch. A lovely mix of orange and green glitters.

This is 2 coats layered of Celestials Classy Comet.  It really pops over the dark colour!

MLO Polish can be bought from her Etsy store, and they also have Facebook and IG.

Till next time.