This page is dedicated to my beautiful son. He is my little Bugalug. :)

He is 9 years old, and was initially diagnosed PDD-NOS, which is on the Autism spectrum. He is doing great though, thanks to his therapists. He attends school at Park Hill Pre-K, and he loves it. The page is called Bugalug, as that is what I have called him from before he was born. It doesn't really mean anything, it is an Australian term of affection. On this page I will have links to Autism sites and books that have helped us, and also a list of some of my sons favourite things. ;-)


My son recently had an evaluation by a developmental pediatrician, and was re-diagnosed with Aspergers. I think that fits him alot better than the Pdd-Nos diagnosis. He also now attends Salem Hyde Elementary School. I have left up the link for Park Hill though, as its such a great school! 


My 'baby' is now 9!!!! We are now living in Australia, so my son has changed schools yet again. He is doing great with the change though, and seems to be settling in well. :)

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