9 Jun 2013

Dementor by Alanna Renee

Hi all!
Today I have a lovely, sparkly polish to show you.  Dementor, from Alanna Renees Magical World collection.  This is what it says on Alanna Renees website about Dementor...

'Dementor is inspired by one of the foulest dark creatures to inhabit the world.  Dementors feed off human happiness, causing depression and despair to those that are near them.  Dementors can also consume a person's soul, this is known as the Dementor's Kiss.  Any person who is victim to the Dementor's Kiss is left in a permanent vegetative state.

Dementor has a mix of silver and grey glitter in a black base.'

This is the perfect polish for me to wear today, as I have been quite ill and feeling blah. But unlike the Dementors from the books and movies, this cheered me up after seeing it.  Its so dark and glittery!  I am not a polish maker, but I presume it could not be easy to make a polish that is so dark, yet so glittery at the same time!  So I am quite impressed.  :)

Unfortunately it was quite difficult to get a good pic of this mani.   We have had no sun so I had to rely on indoor pics.  I was expecting to have to use three coats, but it was opaque in 2 which I am quite happy about. :)
Alanna Renee polish can be bought from her website for those of us in Australia.  For those overseas, a list of places you can buy these lovely polishes from can be found here.

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