4 Jan 2013

Damn you, blue screen of death!

Well, Happy Birthday to me.. my laptop decided that for my 40th birthday it would be give me the blue screen of death, and force me to reformat 3 times, losing all my photos etc.  Which means the photos I took yesterday of my awesome birthday nails are gone.  I have one phone pic that I can use ...

*ooh sparkly*

This is OPI DS Extravagance. There are no words.  Its simply stunning. 

And then this happened..


So I have now had to nubbinize.  But, then these came in the mail..

*bling bling*

So I decided to have a play around with them and some striping tape, and nails now look like this..

*more bling bling!*

Then this morning I woke up to this card from my son..

*best birthday card ever*

So all in all, not a bad day so far (apart from the loss of all my nail pics).. lol


  1. Happy Birthday Tammy, love the nail bling and your cute card, great way to turn your frown upside down ;)

  2. Happy birthday! sorry to hear about your computer! seems like a virus is going around or something, I've been hearing a lot of people saying similar things.. happened to us, also.

    1. Oh no! Hope you managed to get it fixed. So frustrating!

  3. Happy (belated) Birthday Tammy! Extravagance looks awesome~ can't beat your birthday card though =)

  4. Welcome to the 40 club, it's not as bad as I thought it was going to be :)


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