8 May 2014

Project Pan Empties - April

Hello lovelies!
Well it's that time again! Project Pan empties. There is really not that many this month, and most of them are hand creams.  I am really trying to get through them all, I have soo many!

First up is Crabtree & Evelyn Hand Therapy in Rosewater. I got this for free with purchase of some magazine, I cant remember which one though.  This scent on this is soo strong. It's just overpowering. I cannot even use it if my husband is home, as it actually starts to bring on his seasonal allergies. I am not a rose fan anyway, so I would definitely not buy this.

Next is Essence Snow Jam 24h Hand Protection Balm.  Another one I didn't buy, I won the whole Snow Jam collection and this was one of the items.  I quite like this cream!  It has shea butter and coconut oil in, and while it is heavy, it doesn't leave a yucky feel on my hands. Would definitely buy it, but sadly I don't think it's available in Australia.


Last hand item is Lucas PaPaw Ointment.  I cannot stand this! I bought to use on my cuticles, and honestly I could of just bought a tub of Vaseline, it feels the exact same.  I ended up leaving it next to my bed and popping it on my cuticles before I went to sleep.  Definitely would not buy it again.

Very last is my Original Source Shea Butter and Honey Shower gel. I honestly think I have had an Original Source shower gel in every one of my Project Pan posts lol  This is not my favourite of theirs that I have tried, I think the shea butter makes it feel like it doesn't rinse off properly.  Still an awesome gel for the price though!

Till next time!

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