26 Aug 2012

Latest haul!

ooh completely forgot I wanted to share the polishes that came in the mail on Friday.. I was so excited I actually jumped up and down!  lol

First up is Smitten Polish'  'You're Turning Violet, Violet'.  An amazing mix opurple holo glitter, plus dark blue holo glitter, in a purple base.  Can't wait to swatch this one!

 Next is AphroditeLacquers 'Nebula'.  A gorgous black polish with sky blue shimmer, silver and sky blue glitter.

 This is another from AphrodieLacquers, called 'Supernova'.  A black polish, with fuschia, pink, and silver glitter.  So pretty!  These are both from the 'Outta This World' collection.

 Next up is one I have been wanting for a while, Dollish Polish' 'It's A Me, Mario'!   This polish has a clear base, and is full of different sized blue & red glitter and large stars.  I cannot say (or even think) the name of this polish without saying it like Mario does!  lol   I picked this little beauty up at Llarowe.

Next is one I found when I was out shopping.. it's NYC Color 'Goldfish'.  I just love the name, and the brightness.  I cannot find a website for NYC Color (if anyone knows it please feel free to share!), but I picked this up in my local Big W and it was $2.

Ooh and thanks to Kaz of Parisian Blue Sky for her tip on finding Max Factors Fantasy Fire (Clarins 230 dupe) at her local Target store.  I rushed right out and there it was at my local store!  So happy!  I also checked Priceline and they had it there also.. and it was only $5!   $5!!!!!  You do not even want to know what i paid for one off EvilBay.  So I plan on checking back every few days and hopefully getting myself a lil FF stash.. may even do one as a giveaway when I get a few more followers.  :)

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  1. Hi there, the NYC polish is the same polish as "crazy" from the ulta3 brand- but labelled differently, from heatgroup.com.au

    I need to get me some more indies :)


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