18 Aug 2012

What a catch! ;)

OMG! I am so glad I just went and checked my email.. had one from Catch Of The Day. Usually I just delete their emails, but today the subject line caught my attention..

'SOS! OPI Nail Lacquers - ALL Under $10'

I think I may have actually stopped breathing for a second... lol  Now $10 may seem like alot to readers in USA etc, but here in Australia we pay anywhere from $17 - $20 for OPI in a store.. if you can find it at all that is.

So of course I had to buy.. my no buy week is all shot to hell anyway, so I am restarting that on Monday. ;)

I had to choose quick as they only have limited stock and I noticed a lot had already sold out! But I did manage to snag..

Into The Night
Just Spotted the Lizard
My Boyfriend Scales Walls
Number One Nemesis

All of them on my wish list, so I am one very happy camper! :-D

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