14 Aug 2012

Green goodness! (photo heavy post)

There are not enough words to describe the awesomeness of the colour I have on my nails right now. It is Hey Jude, from Enchanted Polish Beatles Collection.

I bought it at Llarowe, and this is how they describe it..
'Hey Jude is a Multi chrome holograpic nail polish that shifts from greyed khaki lilac to an amazing teal green to purple.'

Honestly, that doesnt even begin to cover it.. I just cannot stop looking at my nails! I nearly even walked into a tree I was so busy staring at them in the sun! lol

I am going to let the photos do most of the talking.. sorry there is so many, I was trying to capture the gorgeous colours in it! Click on the photos to enlarge them.

(my dog, who never misses a photo opportunity)

Oh and on my pinkie is Out Of The Blue from BYS Glam Glitter collection.  I picked it up yesterday and couldn't wait to try it out.  ;)

So what do you think?  I am so in love with this colour, I think it's a definite must have for every nail polish collection!

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