3 Aug 2012

My latest obsession...

is nail polish.  Well, its always been something i loved, but in the past month or so my obsession has definitely kicked itself up a notch!  I haven't always had nails, I used to be an extreme nail biter.   But I have managed to keep them long now for quite a few months, so I'm hoping i will be able to keep them that way.  To reward myself i have been splurging on a few nail polishes online.. it's hard to find what I want here in Australia, so yay for eBay!  ;)

I will share a pic of the 2 I picked up today... actually my hubby picked them out for me and i must say I am very impressed with his choices. They are both Revlon. The blue is 'Radiant' and is a clear base with blue, silver and green sparkles. The purple is 'Scandalous' and is a black base with big purple sparklies through it.

So many sparklies! Do love!


  1. These are both great. Love Revlon polishes & sparkles:)

    Sara xx new happy follower

    1. me too! Although the Scandalous was not fun to try to remove! ;)


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