17 Feb 2014

BellaBox February 2014

Hello lovelies!
I am going to share with you today something a little different. 
I recently re-signed up for BellaBox. If you don't know what that is, basically you pay $15 a month and each month you receive a box of  beauty samples/products.  I was signed up last year, but the boxes just kept going downhill, and then one box I received has a dried up half bottle of nail polish, and a funky smelling lipstick and that was the end for me.
I have been reading a few beauty blogs lately, and the last few boxes looked awesome so I thought I would give them another try.
If you have ordered the February box and don't want to know what you may get, stop reading.... now! ;)

The first thing I noticed was the new box.. they used to come in a really nice, heavy cardboard box. I have actually kept a few of them as they are handy to keep nail stuff in.  Now they just come in a shipping box that has BellaBox printed on the outside with the shipping label. Quite cheap looking to be honest.

This months theme is 'Red Carpet' so the info card was on the back of an Admit One 'ticket'.  Cute.

This is the box right after opening. 6 products plus a 'bonus'.

First product, which is the bonus, is a satchet of Swisspers Naturals Aloe Daily Moisturiser. This says it is for all skin types, so I will definitely give it a try.

Next is the Vaseline Aloe Fresh Daily Body lotion with SPF 15. This is a tiny 25ml, I can't see it lasting more than 3 days if you use it all over your body.

Up next is an Om She Aromatherapy mascara in rich brown.. Umm.. aromatherapy mascara?  I don't even know what that is supposed to mean. Plus, as you can see from the second picture, it looks like there was a seal but it has been peeled off. It's quite sticky around the opening. Its also smells funky, so if that is the 'aromatherapy' aspect of it, then I guess they nailed it. 
Not happy, and have emailed BellaBox about it, I will update you as to what happens.

Now we have the BeautyShot Cosmetics Party Prep Serum. Inside this little container is 2 x 3ml bottles.  I tried a little drop on the back of my hand, it rubbed in well, and left no greasiness, so I will give this a try and let you know what I think.

Next up is an Avene soothing moisture mask. This says it's for sensitive skin. I have tried a few Avene products, and am not a fan so this will be getting passed on to someone who will use it.

The last two items are from Alfaparf. The first is a Nutritive mask, and the second is a moisture shampoo. Both items are for dry hair, which I do not have, so again more products that I can't use.

All in all, I am very disappointed with my first box as a re-subscriber.   It doesn't seem 'Red Carpet' to me at all. Hopefully the next one will be better!
Did you get your February 'Red Carpet' BellaBox yet? If you did, what did you think?

Till next time!


  1. My feb BB was completely different!! I received skin care and a nail polish!! Jealous of the mascara you got hopefully BB will replace it for you!! Are you going to stay subscribed??


    1. I am jealous of your nail polish, I would of preferred that! lol No I cancelled, and have gone with Lust Have It instead. Already received a box from them and it was amazing!!


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