5 Jan 2014

Project Pan and other updates

Hello lovelies!
Hope you all had an awesome Christmas and New Years!  Ours was nice and relaxing.. for Christmas we went away for 2 nights to the Mannum Caravan Park with our family.  We had cabins right on the river, so was so nice to wake up and go sit outside with a coffee and just look at the water. For new years we did our usual, which is nothing! lol   Sat home, had a few drinks, watched movies, and asleep way before midnight. Ah, such party animals. ;)

I have to share these photos with you all.. Jan 4 was my birthday, and these are the pressies from my awesome hubby and son!

Handmade card from my son.

Canon G15 camera! 

Plus the awesomest cake ever.. chocolate and surrounded by nail polish! I was certainly spoilt. :)

Ok, on with the post! I am still doing my Project Pan, and have managed to finish off 4 things so far, 2 shower gels, a hand cream and face wash. 

Garnier Light face wash:
I picked this up in The Reject Shop for $2, and was surprised at how good it was.  I have problems with a lot of face washes irritating my skin and leaving it red, but this was nice and gentle. It didn't seem to do a lot for my appearance of my skin, but sadly not alot does.

Original Source Lemon & Tea Tree shower gel:
I am a huge fan of the Original Source shower gels. There is quite a few different kinds (I think I have most of them lol), they have a great scent, and rinse off completely, unlike some other shower gels I have tried. i buy mine at Coles. They are about $4, but I wait for half off sales, and then stock up!

The Body Shop Japanese Cherry Blossom shower gel:
I will be honest here.. I bought this for the name and bottle. I have a thing for cherry blossoms!  lol I have actually had this for a couple of years. I bought it at an at home party that my cousin had, so I can't remember what I paid for it now. I looked on The Body Shop site but it says this item is no longer available for purchase. They do have the Japanese Cherry Blossom body wash for $20.95.  I was not a huge fan of this, that's probably why  it took me so long to use it. I would definitely not repurchase it.

Natio Hand and Nail cream:
I LOVE this hand cream. It's not greasy at all, and sinks right into your skin, leaving it feeling lovely and smooth.  I recieved this free from Natio after a bungle with one of their nail polishes I bought, but I have seen it in store at chemists and beauty stores for $9.95. Would definitely buy (once all my other hand creams are empty, of course ;)  ).

Till next time.

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