27 Jan 2014

AN Monday & Sea Siren review - part 2

Hello lovelies!
I have two manis to share with you again today, both using Sea Siren Cosmetics nail polishes.

The first is my mani for Aussie nails Monday. The theme was flowers.

For this look I used Sea Siren Cosmetics Pink Champagne on my pinkie and pointer finger, and Sea Nymph on the middle two fingers.  For such pale colours they applied quite well.  Not at all streaky and I only needed two coats.
Then I just used a dotting tool with Tranquility (purple) and Leucosia (white) to make the flowers.  I love this style of mani, it's simple to do but looks so pretty.

The next polishes I have to show are Mojito Madness and Leucosia.

I will admit, I do not wear white nail polish. It takes me back to my high school days of painting my nails with Liquid Paper lol  Plus they all seem to be so gluggy and streaky.  But Leucosia is none of those things! It's perfect in two coats. I used sticky tape to tape off the tips of my nails for a 'french' nail look. Sadly, they are not too straight.  ;)

Again, I love all these polishes! I still have a few more to show you, I can't wait to try them.
Sea Siren polishes can be purchased here, and be sure to check her out on Facebook and Instagram as well!

Till next time!

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