15 Dec 2013

Project Pan ALL The Things!

Hello lovelies!
I have decided that I am out of control with my lipstick buying. 

This is my stash AFTER going through them all and throwing some out.  I just can't seem to stop buying them!  I figured if I am having a lippie clean out I may as well do all my makeup.

This is my eye shadows and eyeliners AFTER a cleanout. 

I seem to have a buying problem. ;)

So I have decided to do a Project Pan.. for those who don't know what that is, it's when you stop buying beauty items until you hit pan or use up a certain number of products.  I am going to go with hitting Pan.  Most people make a few rules to go along with it, mine will basically be use up all the items before you buy more. Say I have 10 face cleansers (which is probably a very close guesstimate lol),  I have to wait until i have used all 10 before I buy more, not just use up one.  Simple.. I hope.

So, things I am adding to my Project Pan are... lipstick, eyeshadows (excepting the Urban Decay one that hubby already bought me for Christmas lol), eyeliners, shampoo and conditioners (the shower is full of them), face cleansers, shower gels and hand moisturizers.

As I finish each item I will do a review on it. :)

Wish me luck.. I will need it!

Till next time.

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