6 Dec 2013

Wrap bracelets

Hello lovelies!
Today I thought I would show you some new bracelets i have been working on. I love any wrap/tie on bracelets, and I was so glad to finally find the right materials here in Aus to make them!

They are so easy to put on, just wrap around your wrist, tie and then tuck in the ends. Charms can be moved around gently to suit.
 I have made these ones with polyester ribbon, and they are lovely and soft.  
I have found online though someone who hand dyes silk for these, and of course I had to buy them! Can't wait to get them as they come in such beautiful colours. 
These are available at my Gypsy Creations facebook page, or on my Etsy store, and I am more than happy to do custom orders. :)

Till next time.

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