11 Sep 2013

I like big butts and I cannot lie...

Well, when they are filled with nail polish I do!  Hmmm.. that just sounds wrong, doesn't it?  lol  I am actually talking about the Bootie Babe nail polish brand!   Who wouldn't love bootie shaped bottles?  ;)

How cute is that!  lol  This polish is Hanky Spanky, a purple glitter in a clear base. I have it layered over Milani Blue Jay.

Another pic to show how awesomely glowy the glitter is!
Also attempted some stamping with my new Konad set, and so happy with how it turned out. :)

Be sure to check out out Bootie Babes FB page here, and their polishes can be bought on their website

Milani polishes can also be found on their website.

Till next time!

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  1. That bottle is hilarious, and the colour is gorgeous!


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