28 Sep 2012

Zoya Summertime

Hey all!!
I am adoring the polish I have on right now.. its Zoya's 'Reva'.  Wow, it's so bright and shimmery and gorgeous!!  I lurve her!  It's from the Summertime collection which I just received.    Used Poshe for the first time as well, loving that so far too, no shrinkage or lifting.... so, sorry SV, but you have now been replaced.

Someone said to me it reminded them of strawberry jam, and they're so right!  The formula is amazing, this is 2 coats and has perfect coverage.  As usual, excuse my crap clean up.. I am working on it.  lol   I received a nail brush kit in the mail today...

and plan on using one of them as a clean up brush.

Starting October 1st, I will be participating in a Halloween challenge.. my first one!  Bit excited!!

Click the pic above to join up.  :)

I have a very special mani planned for tomorrow, looking forward to attempting it.  


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