21 Sep 2012

Mysterious, Very Mysterious

Hey all!
Well they've started, the ...... *dramatic music*...  school holidays!  As much as I love the minute sleep in, I don't love hearing "I'm bored" every five minutes  lol  We have a few things planned, the zoo, Madagascar 3, sleepovers at Nanas, so hopefully it won't be too painful.  ;)
On my nails I have a beauty.. Loreals 'Mysterious Icon'.  And mysterious she is!  Is she brown, gold, bronze.. who can tell?  Definitely beautiful, mysterious and unique.

Oh and if your wondering about my blog post title.. it's from The Backyardigans.  It used to be one of my sons favourite tv shows (I actually quite liked it myself  lol), he watched it non stop, and now whenever I heard the word 'mysterious' I think of this....


Thank you for your comment, I read and appreciate every single one! :)