30 Sep 2012

Dexter blood splatter nails

Yay, I'm so excited!  The new season of Dexter starts soon, and I cannot wait!  To celebrate, I have done a blood splatter mani.  My first attempt at this style, and while clean up was a bitch (I forgot to tape off my fingers lol), I am loving the look of it.  Will definitely do it again.   
I just used a straw.   Put a few blobs of polish onto a plastic plate, dip the end of straw into polish until it covered the hole then blow onto the nail.   I learnt quickly to just use short, hard blows otherwise I just ended up blowing the nail polish into big blobs..  lol  There is heaps of tutorials on YouTube.

The red polish is Butter Londons Pillar Box Red, which I got for free with this months issue of Instyle magazine for all you Aussie ladies.  :)    
The white is Ulta3's Lily White, and its your typical white, streaky polish.  Doubt I will use it for other than nail art, but it was only $2 so can't complain.  
Tomorrow starts the beginning of No Buy October.. I am getting out of control with my buying and untrieds, so I am hoping this will help me get through  of them.  Tomorrow is also the start of the Halloween Challenge, link to join up is n the post below.    :)

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  1. I'm so jealous that you were able to do this so well! It looks so good!


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