16 Jul 2013

Got Teal? I sure do!

Hey all!
Well it's happened.. I have caught the DIY nail decal bug!  They are so cute and super easy!

Basically what you do is get a plastic baggie, or some baking paper, and paint squares of nail polish on them. Make sure they are opaque, so a polish that is opaque in no more than 2 coats is best, as you don't want them too thick.  I realized after these are too small.. next time I will make my squares about 3 cms or a bit bigger.
Wait for them to dry.. and this is the hard part, for me anyway as I have no patience.. lol   I found it best to do them at night, then go to bed and let them dry overnight. That way I wasn't checking them every 2 seconds to see if they were dry.  ;)
Once they are dry, I run one side of my tweezers under one edge of the polish to separate from my baggie (or baking paper if that's what you use) and gently lift it up.  Use a craft punch (can be bought at most craft stores) to to punch out the shapes you want.  And voil√†!  DIY nail decals!

I put on my base coat, waited until it was dry than a layer of my top coat, placed my decals and then waited a few minutes before adding another layer of top coat.   I love how these look!
My base and decal colour is Ulta3 Get Teal, and my accent nail colour is LOL (Kmart brand) In The Deep. I was quite impressed with the Kmart polish and will definitely be getting more!
I did not come up with this idea.  I used a combo of tutorials from DQN, Ten Little Nubs and Oh My Gosh Polish.
Have you ever made your own nail decals?

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