5 Jul 2013

Dance Legend TermoTrio #1

Hello lovelies!
Hope everyone has had a great week. My 'baby' turned 9 on Wednesday, so I am still recovering from that. Wasn't he only a baby just a few weeks ago?  That's how it seems to me anyway.  ;)
I have an amazing polish to show you today..  Dance Legend TermoTrio #1.  
This polish changes color depending on temperature. From dark purple (cold) to light purple/pinkish  (lukewarm) to light blue (warm).  I could not stop looking at this polish to see what colour it was, and even spent a good 15 minutes running my nails under cold water to make them all dark purple, then letting then change back slowly.  lol

*Outside photos*

*Indoor photos*

The only problem I had with this polish was the formula.. its not great.  First coat was very patchy and sheer. I did the second coat a bit thicker and it seemed to fix it up. Also, this polish dries matte so unless you like that look, you need a top coat. 
Oh and accent nails are a custom polish from Love Thy Polish called Black Star Supernova. I am addicted to black and white glitter toppers at the moment, so the lovely Emma from LTP made me my very own and even put some black stars in it!  Do love!
Dance Legends are a Russian brand, and can be bought at http://www.dance-legend.com/en/ .

Have you ever tried a colour changing polish?

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