6 Jul 2013

Gelogic Test: day 1

Hello peoples!
Today I am doing something a little different.   I have a super busy weekend coming up, and will not have time to change my polish.  So I have decided to do a test of some Gelogic 'No UV Needed' gel polish I bought recently.  I grabbed one polish in Deep Purple, and the titanium top coat.

I love the purple, dried super quickly and its so shiny, even without top coat.

Of course I had to add some black and white glitter, its my new obsession.  ;)
I then put on the topcoat, which is lovely as well. Dries fast, super shiny. All the things I need in a top coat. 

So it has been just under 24 hours since I did this mani, I will post pics again tomorrow.. here's hoping it lasts a few days!

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