29 Nov 2012

I ♥ NY!

I really really do!  The city, and the nail polish.
We used to live approx 30 mins from NYC, and I adored it!  So easy to get the train into the city, but then come home again to our peaceful little village when we had enough.  We were staying overnight in the city when I found out I was pregnant, so it will always be a very special place to me.  :)

Onto the awesome nail polish!!
This is 'I  NY' from Whimsical Ideas by Pam.. on her Facebook page she describes it..  I ♥ NY was inspired by my love of the city and the tee shirts that every New Yorker has at least three of.
Clear base with black and white matte glitter, red hearts, and just a bit of NYC grit'.  
That description gave me the idea for the base colour, as I already knew I didn't want to go with the usual white I had seen it used over.

(click pics to enlarge)

The base I used is Grey-t To Be Here from Essence.  It's a light grey with a pink shimmer.  I went with a grey to represent the grey NYC sidewalks... I'm bummed the pink shimmer doesn't show up, as that was supposed to be the lights of Times Square.  Maybe if the sun decides to return I will try to get some more pics and pop them up.  This polish was lovely to apply, shown here is one coat and I barely needed to fish at all to get the hearts out.. can't wait to try it over other colours.  Also, the bottles are so adorable with the little ribbon tied around the lid.

To order from Whimsical Ideas by Pam, just email her your order at pea422000@yahoo.com, and she will send you an invoice.   All her available polishes are on her Facebook page.  I have ordered from her this way and received a very fast reply.  Currently she only ships within the US, but I am fortunate to have family in NY that I can get my polishes sent to.  ;)

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