8 Nov 2012

China Glaze - Atlantis

Hey all!
Hope your having a great week so far.. ours has been quite eventful.  Son had his last dentist appointment, didn't go quite as well as last time, so am very glad its all over.  Today he has his assessment at the Minimal Motor Dysfunction Unit at our local childrens hospital, am hoping he gets in as I think it would help him alot. Also, i finally got to meet up with one of the lovely ladies from the Aussie Nails FB group I am in, and we did a lil polish swap.. yay!
Ok todays polish is China Glazes 'Atlantis', which is a bluey green with tons of holo glitter.. its beautiful!  i did 3 coats and that made it opaque, but I think next time I will layer it over SH The Real Teal, which seems to be a very close match.

Trying to capture all the holo sparkly goodness in pictures can be quite difficult, which is why a couple are blurry.  Isn't she beautiful?   :)


  1. So pretty!! I've been wanting this polish for ages.

    1. My friend was lucky enough to find a couple of bottles in a nail salon near her and grabbed them. It's so beautiful!


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