4 Nov 2012

Comparison swatches

Hey all!
Sorry I have been MIA the past few days… I have been glued to the tv watching all the heartbreaking footage of Hurricane Sandy.  So sad!  We used to visit NYC all the time when we lived in NY and its just so hard to believe its the same place.  :(
So today I have a comparison swatch for you, between Lokis Lacquers ‘Tinsel’, and Sally Hansens Prism ‘Diamond’. 

Can you see the difference between the two?  On my pinkie and middle finger I have the Sally Hansen, and on my ring and pointer fingers is the Lokis Lacquer.  The Loki polish is more of a glitter holo while the SH is a flatter, all over holo.. if that makes sense. lol 
Anyway, I love them both and will be wearing them again for sure.


  1. Thanks for a great comparison post! and I am heartbroken about the hurricane too((

    1. Your welcome!
      Its just so sad, hard to even believe.


Thank you for your comment, I read and appreciate every single one! :)