11 Apr 2013

Minty Fresh!

Hi all!
Today I have a colour to show you that I never would of thought I would love as much as I do!  Covergirl Outlasts Mint Mojito.  It's such a gorgeous colour!  If I hadn't looked at swatches online before I went out shopping I would not of even looked at it, its much paler than what I usually like to wear.

The top pic was taken outside in the sun, and the bottom was inside.  The sun pic shows it as being bluer, and with the inside pic the green shows up more.  This is 2 coats, with a top coat of Out The Door.  But it was super shiny without the top coat.  Priceline is having a buy one get one free sale starting Thursday 11 April, and going for 2 weeks (I think). 
Of course with such an awesome sale I couldn't buy just one polish....

Brown, Purple and Blue!  Now that's more like it.  ;)

Have you tried any of the new Covergirl Outlast polishes yet?

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