7 Apr 2013

Boyfriend Jeans with dots!

Hey all!
I just have to say, I am so overwhelmed with how Paint It Blue has taken off.. we have nearly 200 members in the Facebook group, and over 2100 photos tagged with #bluenailsforautism on Instagram!  I am so happy.. I hope this is something we can continue to do every year, and get more people involved and help raise autism awareness.  :)
My nails for today are Nubar 'Boyfriend Jeans'.  This is considered a dupe for Chanels Blue Boy, which sadly I don't own.  Hopefully one day!  For now, I am quite happy with the Nubar.  :)

On my ring finger I layered Glam Polish 'Evie' over it.  I know its not blue, but I only just got it and I cannot resist dots.  Must have ALL the dot polishes!  ;)

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