1 Apr 2013

It's started!

April is here, which means Autism Awareness Month has officially started!  
In particular April 2nd is an important day.  Its World Autism Awareness Day, but also Light It Up Blue!    In honor of this day, many businesses, hotels, sporting venues, concert halls, museums, bridges are among the hundreds of thousands of homes and communities that take part to Light It Up Blue, to help raise awareness about autism.  This year, I am doing something extra.  I will be painting my nails blue for the whole month!  I talked to a few of my nail polish addict friends about doing it with me, and it has just taken off from there.  I have started a Facebook group for it, Paint It Blue.  We would love it if you would join us!

We also have an IG hashtag   #bluenailsforautism , and you are welcome to follow me on IG @gypsymoon73 .
My first mani is just a plain blue that I picked up in a local cheapie store..  Charm Limit,   polish #02. Tip wear already, but I guess thats what you get with $1.50 nail polish. ;)

I love this colour!!  
Are you going blue for Autism Awareness?

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