22 Mar 2014

Latest Project Pan empties

Hello lovelies!
Welcome to my very small Project Pan post. I keep forgetting to keep my empties, hence the tiny post lol

First is the Elizabeth Arden Green Tea Energizing Bath and Shower Gel.
Hubby bought this for me for Christmas, it came in a pack with some perfume and body cream.  Its a nice body wash, but nothing special. if i saw it again in the pack I would buy, but only because I love the perfume that comes with it. Would not buy it buy itself.

 Next is one of the Original Source Shower gels, in lime.  I can't smell much of a scent on this one.
I love the Original Source shower gels though, and would rebuy this, and any of the Original Source shower gels.

Last is the Cellilux Glacial Mineral Gel. I loooove this mask!  I got this sample in one of my BellaBoxes, and just had it sitting around, till I saw Kitsch Snitch's review on it, and remembered I had it and dug it out. Its amazing. My skin felt so soft after I used it. It is not cheap though, $69 from the BellaBox website. I will definitely be buying the full size though, once I save my pennies!

Till next time!

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