4 Aug 2013

Love Thy Polish: He Lives In You

Welcome to Love Thy Polish week!  What is that you ask?  Well, Love Thy Polish is one of my favouritest (yes that's a word!  :p  ) Aussie made indie nail polish brands, so myself and a couple of other bloggers have decided to do a week showcasing these gorgeous polishes!!
Here is how much I love my LTP!

*my epic Love Thy Polish collection*

Since this photo was taken I have added 7 more to my collection!  ;)

The first polish I will be showing is the amazing 'He Lives In You', from the recent Animation Celebration collection.
On the website it is described as a creamy medium grey base with white, orange and blue glitters, and  is based on the colours of Rafiki, the cheeky baboon-cross-mandrill in The Lion King.  Now.. I have to make a confession here.  I have never see The Lion King.  No judging please. :p  
But that doesn't stop me from appreciating and loving this gorgeous polish!

How gorgeous is it? It's even better in person!

Love Thy Polish can be bought at www.lovethypolish.com for you aussies, and for international peeps, at 

Other bloggers participating are..

Stay tuned for more Love Thy Polish!


  1. Ooooh I am excited! I only own two LTP's and I love them BOTH! Really looking forward to see what else I should purchase - I already know I want Eastern Australian Current....

    1. There are so many awesome polishes to choose from! Yes you definitely need Eastern Australian Current! I have it and its gorgeous. :)


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