4 Mar 2012

No 'poo!

So has anyone heard about the "no 'poo" craze?  I have been reading quite alot about it online, and i think i am ready to try it!  The idea is basically, that you don't wash you hair with 'commercial' shampoos and conditioners. Instead you use all natural products you can find in your home.. like baking soda, apple cider vinegar (ACV) and lemon juice. Its supposed to be amazing for your hair.  Now as someone who has to wash their hair everyday (otherwise you could fry egss in it.. bleech)  the idea of not using shampoo and getting that soapy sudsy clean is quite scary!  But I am determined to try it.  So at the end of this week.. once i have used up my super fancy shampoo, I am going to go no 'poo!
I do have an ulterior motive to waiting until the end of this week.. my son doesn't have school for 4 days, so i can hide in the house for the first few days of it.  ;)
If you would like to read up a bit more about it, and see if its something you would like to try, just go here.
I will post of pic of my hair on the first day, and every few days afterwards.  Wish me luck.  :)

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