6 Dec 2012

Revlon Galaxy

Hi and welcome to all my new followers!  I have just hit 50, so have decided to have a lil giveaway to celebrate.  There is 5 awesome polishes to win!  Check out the post below to enter.  I will also be making a page for it so the giveaway will be easier to find.  :)

Today I have on my nails a polish I had been lemming over for quite a while, and finally managed to score a bottle!  Revlon's Galaxy... sigh.  I will let the awesome polish speak for itself.

Excuse the odd angles and blurriness on some of the pics, I was trying to capture all the glitter.  Galaxy is classed as a top coat, so I have layered it over OPI Ink.  if you can ever find Galaxy, don't hesitate to buy it, its more amazing than pictures can show.

Oh, and as most if you know, I also make jewellery.  I am currently having an auction to clear out some of my older stock, and support my nail polish habit.  ;)
You can check out the auction album here.


  1. Tammy I've nominated you for the Liebster award. Jump over to my blog to see what hellish questions I've lined up for you haha :)


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